Wireline PCE

Wellhead Adapter Flange

Pump-in Sub

Wireline BOP

Hydraulic Dual Ram BOP

Hydraulic Triple Ram BOP

BOP Cage

Wireline Ram Assembly

Hydraulic Tool Trap

Quick Test Sub

Wireline Lubricator with Threaded Union

Wireline Lubricator with Integral Union

Hydraulic Tool Catcher & Ball Check Valve


Cable Cutter Sub

Grease Injection Control Head

Lifting Tool

Upper Sheave & Lower Sheave

Grease and Hydraulic Control Module

Rig Up Dolly

Transport Frame

Slickline PCE

Stuffing Box

Tool Catcher

Lightweight Lubricator

Bleed-off Sub


Tool Trap

Single Ram BOP

Slickline Ram Assembly

Pump-in Tee

Wellhead Flange

Hay Pully

Hydraulic Control Unit

Transport Trailer

Coiled Tubing PCE

Side Door Stripper Packer

Two Door Stripper Packer

Risers / Lubricators

Quad Ram BOP

BOP Ram Assembly

Combi BOP

Adaptor Flange

Work Window

Coiled Tubing Hanger

Rope Socket

Knuckle Joint

Wireline Stem and Lead Filled Stem

Roller Stem

Spang Jar

Wireline Knuckle Jar

Hydraulic Jar

Wireline Spring Jar

Tubular Jar

Swivel Joint

Wireline Accelerator

Wireline Shock Absorber

Tubing Gauge Cutter

Tubing End Locator

Blind Box

Lead Impression Block

GS Pulling Tool

GU Shear Up Adapter

R Pulling Tool

S Pulling Tool

JD Pulling Tool

JU Pulling Tool

X Running Tool and R Running Tool

Sample Bailer

Sand Pump Bailer

Hydrostatic Bailer

Wireline Overshot


Wireline Wirefinder

Wireline Grab

Centre Spear

External Slip Connector

Internal Slip Connector

Dimple Connector

Dimple-on Connector

Roll-on Connector

Twin Flapper Check Valve

Dual Circulation Valve

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Disconnect / HDHD

Motorhead Assembly / MHA

Back Pressure Valve

Rotary Jet Wash Tool

Jetting Nozzle


Swivel Joint

Straight Bar

Fluted Centralizer

Pull Test Plate

CT Velocity String

Ultra Hydraulic Coiled Tubing Jar

Bulldog Spear

Venturi Junk Basket

IPO Circulating Valve

PR Multi-Service Valve

OMNI Circulating Valve

RD Safety Circulating Valve

Round Mandrel Slip Joint

CHAMP V Packer

RTTS Packer

RTTS Circulating Valve

Select Tester Valve

Super Safety Valve

Hydraulic Circulating Valve

Drain Valve

Rupture Disk Sampler

BIG JOHN Hydraulic Jar

Hydraulic Set RH Packer

Wireline Set Drillable Bridge Plug

Wireline Set Retrievable Bridge Plug

Hydro-Mech Set Bridge Plug

Wireline Set Cement Retainer

Stinger Seal Assembly

Wireline Setting Tool

Hydraulic Setting Tool

Mechanical Tubing Set Drillable Bridge Plug

Mechanical Setting Tool for DBP

Mechanical Tubing Set Cement Retainer

Mechanical Setting Tool for CR