Normally, what we call Service mainly refers to On-site Service or After-sale Service.
However, we believe that Service is not a simple or single process, we insist on providing clients with professional support and services in the whole process.

Perfect Service System

  1. Inquiry Service, full communication, confirming clients’ requirements clearly, providing reasonable suggestions to clients.
  2. Order Service, make all requirements not ambiguous, execute comply with Order, reduce disagreements caused by Orders.
  3. Manufacturing Service, timely informs clients of the processing progress and problems in the manufacturing process.
  4. Inspection Service, strictly inspection applied according to technical requirements to reduce quality risks.
  5. Packaging Service, reasonable and reliable packaging to reduce transportation risks.
  6. Delivery Service, complete Delivery Documents, reduce to bring trouble to clients;
  7. On-site Service, providing training or on-site installation guidance according to clients’ requirements;
  8. After-sales Service, solve possible problems during operation in time.

On-site Support