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Dedicated to Achieving the Highest Quality and Safety Standards

All the products are designed, manufactured, and tested to strict standards of ISO, API, NACE, and relevant National Standards.

We Offer a Wide Array of Oilfield Products and We are Professional in Products Design, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Application, and Service.

Wireline PCE

Wireline Pressure Control Equipment

Slickline PCE

Slickline Pressure Control Equipment

Coiled Tubing PCE

Coiled Tubing Pressure Control Stack

Slickline Tools

Slickline Tools

Coiled Tubing Tools

Coiled Tubing Tools

Drill Stem Testing Tools

DST Tools

Continuously Improve Our Products Reliability and Security.

  • 10+ years of experience in Pressure Control Equipment & Downhole Tools
  • Professional in products design, manufacturing, maintenance, application, and service
  • Constantly summarize experiences in the manufacturing and application of products
  • Offering reasonable suggestions and solution
  • Technical support
  • Dedicated to achieving the highest quality and safety standards

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